Community Network

We are better together. You are not alone.

Gathering Hope is a collection of people who have been touched by pregnancy and/or infant loss and are committed to connecting families to the available resources, communities and support structures to help bring about healing and comfort.

Moms In the Making is a non-profit faith-based fertility support group. We exist to support and encourage women on their journey to becoming a mom by sharing the hope and truth of God’s Word.

My Predestined One is on mission to provide support and resources to families affected by premature birth and loss, and women and couples battling infertility, while bringing global awareness to these issues.

Baby Blessings is a “Remember” Support Ministry for families dealing with infertility, loss and difficult pregnancies. We support families through a community of prayer, complimentary Gifts of Hope and Remembrance and clinic/family building scholarships.

Baby Blessings Ministry 

     A 3x Surrogate and Speaker who helps women and couples thrive while in the fight for their dreams. As a personal coach, confidante and cheerleader, her simple and effective strategies will help you navigate the rollercoaster ride so you can connect with your spouse, cultivate a support tribe and create peace and a plan in order to stay balanced, joyful, and hopeful while birthing your dreams. Tiffany will increase your faith, give you a path to follow and help propel you into your future.